David Allin Reese

Visual Designer

Hello there! I’m happy we get to share some good vibes right now. Check it all out and always feel welcome to reach out @davallree or hit up my inbox. Whether it be about design, the unknown-but-exciting-future, your troubles, or just about life, let's talk for a while.  You could also help me out and proofread my résumé.

Currently, I contribute to the Material Design team at Google San Francisco as a visual designer. Recently, I have contributed to the defining of Google’s Material Theme and the visual exposition of Material.io, the home of Material Design. Theming, layout, and new ways to express identity through technology really get me excited, but so does ice cream or a pretty sunset. My only goal is to remain thoughtful with all I encounter.  I currently live in San Francisco with some plants, the hills, and my canary... and we would love to hear how you are doing.
Autonomous Practices, Student Project, Willem De Kooning Academy [Autumn 2016]

In the Autumn of 2016 I was given the opportunity to take part in an exchange program at Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. During this semester, I was given the intimidating challenge of undertaking independent research, practice and presentation of a work in the realm of public and private art.

Those Spaces In Between was created as an answer to this challenge. Over the course of about four months, I began to define a new visual language in the form of abstract compositions. These compositions were then accompanied with abstract texts written from the perspective of a being, writing to his other from great distances. These messages were sent to random emails each day during the process, and even "replies" were created to those few who responded. Some of these messages I received back can be found here.

The final product is an interactive site that will be continuously sent to random email addresses I collect and encounter. I hope to continue to use and illustrate this strange in between space that is created when two people love each other from great distances.

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