David Allin Reese

Visual Designer

Hello there! I’m happy we get to share some good vibes right now. Check it all out and always feel welcome to reach out @davallree or hit up my inbox. Whether it be about design, the unknown-but-exciting-future, your troubles, or just about life, let's talk for a while.  You could also help me out and proofread my résumé.

Currently, I contribute to the Material Design team at Google San Francisco as a visual designer. Recently, I have contributed to the defining of Google’s Material Theme and the visual exposition of Material.io, the home of Material Design. Theming, layout, and new ways to express identity through technology really get me excited, but so does ice cream or a pretty sunset. My only goal is to remain thoughtful with all I encounter.  I currently live in San Francisco with some plants, the hills, and my canary... and we would love to hear how you are doing.
Mapping a Site: In and Out of Context, Student Project, Ringling College of Art + Design [Fall 2015]


An international collboration of students and faculty between St. Lucas School of Arts and Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, Nottingham Trent University, and Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. The project is seperated into two weeks. Part one takes places in Sarasota, Florida, and part two takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. While work is not confined to any medium or discipline, the work must reflect the city it was made in, as well as the theme that changes each year; this year, the theme was water.


After hearing a certain story about a man jumping onto a dead manatee, I began to explore water as a fluid matrix or suspension. That is to say, how something can still look stable, or even alive, if suspended in water. I combined this idea with my love for typography and simple book making. The result was an interactive sculpture where the audience must disturb a book by taking it out of its fluid environment in order to read it. The books were fragile and began to fall apart once you took them out of the water.